General Information

The 2013 International SuperCollider Symposium will be held in Boulder, Colorado, USA May 20-24. All events are free and open to the public. Here is the general schedule for the symposium.

  • Monday May 20:
  • -setup and opening of installations
  • -Welcome Address: ATLAS Black Box @ 7:20pm
  • -Concert I: ATLAS Black Box @ 7:30pm

  • Tuesday May 21:
  • -Presentations (Charles Céleste Hutchins, Colin Clark, Martin Hünniger): ATLAS 100 at 12:00pm
  • -Ronald Kuivila: Keynote Address Grusin Concert Hall @ 7:00pm
  • -Concert II: Grusin Concert Hall @ 7:30pm

  • Wednesday May 22:
  • -Presentations (Ronald Kuivila, Bernardo Barros, Chris Brown): ATLAS 100 at 12:00pm
  • -Concert III: ATLAS Black Box @ 7:30pm

  • Thursday May 23:
  • -Live Coding Roundtable/Jam: ATLAS 200 at 12:00pm
  • -Concert IV: Gravity Brewing @ 7:00pm

  • Friday May 24:
  • -Developer Meeting: ATLAS 200 at 12:00pm
  • -closing of installations

Here is a map with the locations of everything you'll need to find during the symposium.

Below are some specific things you may want to know about while you are in town. For general informaton about the city of Boulder, please visit


Information regarding public transit in the Denver/Boulder metro area may be found at the RTD Website. Here are a few specific routes that will be useful to know about (prices are for a single ride):

  • AB: to/from Denver Airport and Boulder - $13.00
  • BX: to/from downtown Denver and Boulder - $5.00 NOTE: there are no symposium-related events in Denver. This is just for if you want to visit.
  • DASH: to/from Gravity Brewing (Thursday 5/23 concert) - $2.25
  • SKIP: up/down Broadway (University of Colorado and other places) - $2.25
  • HOP: circling around town (University of Colorado and other places) - $2.25
  • JUMP: up/down Arapahoe (University of Colorado and other places) - $2.25


Boulder is a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors. One great option that is close to the majority of the symposium is Chautauqua Park, located (more or less) within walking distance from the University of Colorado. There are various gorgeous trails and climbing opportunities for you to enjoy between all the various SC events.


For some people, Colorado is synonymous with great craft beer, and Boulder is one of the many hot spots for microbreweries. That's why one of our concerts will be at Gravity Brewing in Louisville. If during your visit you feel the urge to partake of the juice of the barley, here are a handful (I'm sure I'm missing some) of breweries in town:

And if that isn't enough for you, here are a few that aren't in Boulder but are close:


Looking to take a piece of Boulder home with you? Or perhaps a nice place to dine? Downtown Boulder has plenty of great local shops and restaurants. Pearl Street and 29th Street Mall are two of the main pedestrian malls in town.