Colin Clark: Flocking: an open source framework for creative audio coding on the web

Flocking ( is an open source framework for creative audio coding on the web. Inspired by SuperCollider and other audio environments, Flocking enables artists and musicians to create complex synthesis and processing graphs entirely in JavaScript--no plugins required. It currently runs in Firefox, Safari, Node.js, and Chrome on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Uniquely, Flocking is declarative; unit generators are wired together using a JSON-based syntax, making it easy to save, share, transform and algorithmically process your synthesis algorithms as structured data. The ultimate goal of this declarative approach is bridge the gap between code-based and graphical developments tools, enabling a diverse and collaborative environment for coders and non-coders alike.

This presentation will provide an overview of Flocking and its architecture, as well as a code-along demonstration showing how to create synthesis graphs and wire them up to standard JavaScript libraries. I'll compare and contrast Flocking with SuperCollider as well as other web-based audio libraries, suggesting ways that they can be effectively used together. Since Flocking is still in early development, I'll also cover the roadmap and features planned for it, highlighting ways that you can get involved in the project.


Martin Hünniger: The Guitar-Granulator

The guitar-granulator is a standalone device that can be used to apply granular synthesis techniques on any audio signal in live situations. It features two channel output, up to twenty controllable parameters, five slots for storing presets and true bypass. It is build by completely relying on open source components as the BeagleBoard, the Arduino, SuperCollider and the Satellite CCRMA Linux Distribution.